What is Color-X-Plode?

The play store says

Color-X-Plode 2 is a thrilling match-3 game, easy to learn but hard to master. The goal that you have is to make combination of three same colored balls to make them vanish as they will fall on to a number of swings and balances that are there at the bottom. Due to the weight element the tilt will be hard to adjust this time because if one side has heavy balls and the other side has lighter, the lighter will fall of the Balance. 14 power ups make the game even tougher because these balls have their special affects which will either make the gameplay tough or will help you. The faster you play the more points you will get.

More features:
  • Original swing music and sound effects!
  • Larger playing surface: There are now 8 ball rows!
  • Original gameplay and PowerUps behavior
  • Even better controlling
  • No advertising
  • No more InApp purchases
  • Polished graphic
  • Save and Resume
  • and many more

The developer says

Color-X-Plode is a clone of Swing from Software 2000, written from scratch for mobile devices.

The players say

Nice game. Feels like an old classic. Recommendation! - 5/5
Easy to learn. Makes really fun! - 5/5
Nice game for in-between! - 4/5
The timeless classic finally arrived on mobile. I've been waiting on that. Nearly perfect 1:1 implementation of the original game including the original soundtrack.

How to play?


Collect three of the same color in a row to let them explode. Connected balls of same color will also vanish.


The Joker is the first Extra. It can replace any colored ball and can help you to collect three balls in a row.


From the center, the bomb blows up an area of 3 x 3. Bombs will remain on an empty see-saw, but in the playing area they will explode when hit, even if they are underneath another ball.


The Cutter destroys a complete stack of balls and every power up on its path.

Color ZAP

When Color ZAP lands on a ball it destroys all the balls of that type.


Tint turns all the balls in a pan into the same color as the top ball in the pile.

Color Joker

The Color Joker turns all the balls of the type it lands on into jokers.

ZAP Diagonal

ZAP Diagonal deletes all the balls diagonally beneath the point where it lands.


ZAP Top blows up the top ball of every row, unless it lands on empty pan.

Color Bomb

When Color Bomb lands on a ball it turns all the balls of that type into bombs.

ZAP Horizontal

From that point where it lands, ZAP Horizontal deletes a whole line on the playing area.

Question Mark

Behind the Question Mark is an Extra which is invisible until it is on the crane.

Silver Star

You win a Silver Star when you have completed a level. If three Silver Stars are lying next to each other, the whole playing area will be cleared. Stars can not be duplicated by using Extras.

Golden Star

If there are two Silver Stars lying on top of one another, they melt and change to a Golden Star. If you have a three consisting of Golden Stars, the playing area will be cleared and you will get 5 times more points than clearing the playing area with Silver Stars. Golden Stars can not be duplicated!


If a ball is hurled outside the playing area to the left or right, it changes into this Extra. When it is thrown back into the playing area it turns into a bomb, and vice versa.
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